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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  April 21, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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ficit reduction as radical. way too early for this. >> i'm willie geist, this is "way too early," the show that has to be convinced each and every morning to shred the incredible hulk jammies and put on a suit. shoot me an e-mail. wayt waytooearly. or you can text the word awake followed by your response to 622639. we'll read the rest of the responses in the show. thursday, april 21. a lot to tell you about today, including major league baseball in an unprecedented move, seizing control of the los angeles dodgers. what that means? plus, massive wild fires sweep across the state of texas. something like a mall and a half acres have been charred. we'll have an update for the
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lone star state. but first, let's get to the news live at 5:30 a.m. here at 30 rock in new york city. two highly acclaimed photo journalists were kill in libya yesterday. photographer and oscar-nominated director tim hetherin dprks ton died covering the fighting in misrata. chris hondros died later after a head wound. it comes a day after he tweeted this. in besieged libyan city of misrata. shelling by gadhafi forces. no sign of nato. hetherington was killed by an rpg. the sobering message proved to be prophetic. he was killed in mortar fire between gadhafi and rebel forces. no stranger to war, hethering spent 15 months with sebastian junger embedded with troops in
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afghanistan. this is from the book "infidel" from the documentary "restrepo" which he co-produced and directed when younger chronicling the life of soldiers in afghanistan's valley. it took home the grand jury prize and was nominated for an oscar as best documentary this year. >> too good to be true, you know? we're going to die here. isn't that right, henry? >> we're leaving instead. >> god's going to -- with our emotions and kill us on the bird out. >> never come back. >> we apologize for the language in there. we'll get that cleaned up for you. last september, hetherington sat down on "morning joe" to account with his experience with the troops. >> how do you keep filming when you get shot out by 20 taliban
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members? >> i don't know. i've got the off switch on. you kind of go for it. you're there for a purpose. we cover the stories not for the -- i think these are really important things to do. it's important to go to the places to bring back what we don't often see back here in the states. and that's the first thing. but, of course, there are moments that you think, what the hell am i doing here? we felt like the soldiers' experience needs to be released and digested and understood by the american public and started as a starting point about the conversation about the war. we want to pretend the war machine, the a pa cheats, the missiles, the tanks. the really the heart of the war is take a group of young men, train them, put them on the side of the mown tape auntain and ki killed. we need to understand that. >> he told abc news he worked in a world where he risked their lives and died regularly. so i don't think it crossed his
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mind he was brave. he loved his work. and he loved his subjects. for him, wasn't about collecting images, it feels a way of existing in the world, a way of understanding the world and maybe improving it. no doubt that hetherington and hondros' work will live on. both were 41 years old. the obama administration saying it will give $29 million in nonlethal assistance to libya. it will be the first time it's directed aid in the opposition in 2-month-old conflict. it comes after france and italy announced those countries will join britain in sending military advisors to train rebels in their fight against muammar gadhafi's forces. but secretary of state hillary clinton says the united states will not follow the lead in those countries in that regard. >> their decision to send in military advisors they characterize as an effort to protect civilians.
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part of what everyone has seen is that there's no experience in the opposition military personnel. and so there's a desire so try to help them be more organized and we support that. we're not participating in it, but we support it. >> not likely to be draub into -- drawn into it. >> secretary clinton dismissed concerns that the situation in libya has reached an impasse. >> we looking at a stalemate? >> it's too soon to tell. i think that, you know, as i counseled my foreign minister colleagues in berlin last week, i mean, we want to get to a point where there is a resolution and it has to be a political resolution. but it may not be as quick as all of us would like to see it. >> secretary clinton added that she does not think a resolution in libya can be reached if
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gadhafi remains in power and in that country. back here at home, president obama made his latest deficit plan push in silicone valley yesterday holding a town hall event in the headquarter of facebook. it was moderated by mark zuckerberg and included questions from on-line users and members of the audience. the president addressed health care, job creation, and reiterated the plan to raise taxes on the wealthy. his proposal received something of an endorsement from zuckerberg himself. >> what we've said is let's take another trillion of debt that we raised through a reform in the tax system that allows people like me and frankly you, mark, for paying a little more in taxes. >> i'm cool with that. >> i know you're okay with that. >> president praised mark zuckerberg for wearing a suit
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and giving up the zip-up hoody which he wears. president taking a shot on republican plans to trim spending and medicare. >> the republican budget that was put forward, i would say, is fairly radical. i wouldn't call it particularly courageous. i do think mr. ryan is sincere. he's a patriot. he wants to solve a real problem, which is our long-term deficit. but i think that what he and the other republicans in the house of representatives want to change our social compact in a very fundamental way. >> he's expected to hold a fundraiser in los angeles and another town hall in reno, nevada to discuss cutting the deficit. the federal aviation administration issued new orders requiring air traffic control supervisors instead of controllers to oversee the arrival and departure of planes carrying the vice president and the first lady.
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the directive comings after a boeing 737 carrying michelle obama got a lit tool close to a military cargo jet as both planes were trying to land at andrews air force base. the national transportation safety board is opening an official investigation to the incident. and an faa probe is set to wrap up next week. secretary of transportation ray lahood announced the faa fired the two air traffic controllers in miami and knoxville, tennessee found sleeping on the job recently. the fbi identified a person of interest in connection of a pipebomb and two propane tanks were found in a fire in littleton, colorado mall. littleton should sound familiar to you, of course, the location of the columbine school shooting. yesterday was the 12th anniversary of that terrible, terrible day. police released these pictures showing a man with a bag went through a private door. it's a case of domestic
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terrorism. 10,000 shoppers were evacuated from the mall. no injuries reported. the mall is two miles from columbine high school where two student gunmen killed 13 people and themselves in 1999. pipebombs and a propane tank were found in that school after those shootings. >> bp marked the one-year anniversary of the gulf disaster by filing a lawsuit against the contractor. bp alleges negligence in a claim against transocean. the transocean rep calls the claim unconscionable. the blowout preventer had a faulty design and failed to can t contain the oil. strong corporate earnings, including a second quarter blowout for apple helped lift the dow to the highest number in three years. an early look at the market as
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we get all up in your business this morning. steve sedgewick is live in london. good morning, steve. >> yeah, a very good morning to you. these markets are doing very well at the moment. it's earnings, as you say, that led the way. the dow closed up at the highest level since the fifth of june, 2008. it was up 186 points, that's the best move to the upside in about one month. companies such as intel, companies such as united technology, and companies such as apple led the way. those figures from apple were fantastic, really. we saw an 83% increase in sales. we saw the profits pretty much double. and the iphone sales was the real catalyst. we expected somewhere in the region of 60 million iphone sales. what we got was 18.65 million units sold. a big beat on the expectations for the iphone, the ipad demand at the moment is staggering as well. so the company is telling us. back to you. >> thanks so much. world revs up u.s. profits says "the wall street journal." that's the big story in the
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world of finance. still ahead on "way too early," major league baseball takes it dramatic step of seizing control. the fabled los angeles dodgers franchise. and the team's owner is not pleased with the hostile takeover. details ahead. plus, would will farrell make it three nights in a row with his beard shaving bit on conan. here's a hint, yes. that clip and a check on weather when "way too early" comes back. >> english, so it could be understood beyond the walls of china. no one believes in communism anymore, said one student. no one believes in the party. the students are demanding democracy, freedom of speech, and the press. [ sneezes ] allergies?
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5:44 in the morning as you look at beautiful live picture from the top of our building here at 30 rockefeller center. let's get a check of weather now from nbc meteorologist bill karins. it looks good out there. >> nice day around here. you see the pictures from texas. >> oh unreal. >> it continues. two firefighters did die fighting the blaise over the last couple of days. a break in the weather. cloudy and cool in the last 24 hours that helped the firefighters dramatically fight this blaise that's consumed hundreds of homes. today, the weather is going to turn. it's going go from cloudy and cool to warm and windy later today and tomorrow. hopefully they'll get the blaise under control that it won't spread again in the days ahead. as far as rain goes, not a lot bad this morning. arkansas, mississippi. we had rain overnight in the atlanta area. that's the worst of it. a nice day today, boston to new york. amazing. upper 50s near 60s is nice where typically this time of the year in the low to mid 60s.
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we'll take it. chicago, cooler than you like. in dallas, you're going to warm up to 86. tomorrow is windy and in the 80s also. that's bad for the firefighters. hopefully they have it under control now. nice day compared to what's coming. nice weekend ahead. >> saved the worst for the weekend. >> might have to hop on a plane for the wedding. >> should be nice here. turning to sports. beginning in the nba. the spurs did win last night. the top-seeded team in the west lost the opening round game to memphis. they came back and won tying that series at one game apiece. the lakers meanwhile looking to bounce back after they, too, were stunned. game two of the staples center. how about the olympic teammates, chris paul, kobe bryant, a couple of superstars getting physical on the court. final seconds before the half. chris paul takes it inbound. goes the length of the court. drains it three as time expires.
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third quarter, kobe weaving his way through traffic. five points, three quarters, finished with 11 on the night. despite that, the lakers did take game two, 87-78. that series tied at one game apiece. keeping it in los angeles, it was anything but a regular day at the ballpark for the los angeles dodgers. baseball's commissioner bud selig making a -- an announcement yesterday that major league baseball is taking over day-to-day operations from the team from owners frank and jamie mccourt who have been involve in an ugly divorce battle that's taken the team down with it. selig said i've taken this action because of my deep concerns regarding the finances and the operations of the dod r dodgers a and to protect the club, the great fans, and all of baseball. mccourt issued a statement questioning his action. major league baseball sets strict financial guidelines
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which all 30 teams must follow. the dodgers are in compliance with all of these guidelines. on this basis, it's hard to understand the action today. selig will appoint someone to run the team in the next few days. he'll have legal rights over the expenditures by the dodgers including trade and contract extensions until the dodgers can get the financial house in order. finally, soccer. real madrid has waited 18 years to win the spanish league and receive the coveted trophy. just hours after they won the silverware, they broke it. watch this. happened last night in front of thousands of cheering fans. sergio ramos is the guilty party -- no! not only does he drop it, then the bus runs over it. oh! the trophy weighs 30 pounds. he dropped it, it fell down to the street. and got run over by the bus.
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they've been waiting a couple of decades for the thing. we'll remember the life of chris hondros and tim hetherin dprks ton killed in lib kra and give you the latest from the country.
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as we talked about at the top of the show, the world of journalism is mourning the loss of two acclaimed journalists today, tim hetherington and chris hon droes kidros. four journalives have been killed in libya since that country's uprising began in mid february. hetherington and hondros follow the two others killed last month in benghazi. >> enough of the real news, let's gather around the water cooler. check out day three of will farrell's wonderful threats to conan o'brien. we had our fingers crossed hoping it would ban ongoing gag. it's two nights ago. he's threatening to come on may 2 on his show and shave his beard. he displayed on a balloon what he feels going to do to conan.
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yes, it continued last night. >> a hilarious new video of richard simmons that someone found on the internet. it's fun. let's check it out right now. >> hey, conan, no one wants to see your stupid comedy goofups. here's the real story, milaka. you know what they call your people in england, conan? you're a ging, nothing but a dirty ging. and i got a taste for ging beard with my museum of ginga beards! oh, that's where it's going, right in the front row. i'm going to cut that beard off and put it in my special beard satchel that i keep fashionably slung across my waist. i hope i don't cut you. i hope i don't cut you. out! >> wow. now it's just getting weird.
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that's scary. you like politicians performing, dancing? i figure you'll enjoy the next clip. vladimir putin out not so long ago singing. let's watch some of that. ♪ on blueberry hill on blueberry hill ♪ >> that's vladimir putin in december singing "blueberry hill." dmitry medvedev a little jealous of the performance. this video came out yesterday. just watch. ♪ oh, look at that little hand toss and back step. yes, that's the russian president dmitry medvedev. after the video came out, he confi confirmed it was him at the twitter page. that's us rocking out with a reunion with my university
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[ female announcer ] making car repairs easy. see for yourself at esurance. technology when you want it. people when you don't. a lot more in store on right now of course two photo journalists killed in libya among them tim hetherington. we'll hear some clips from him from our recent appearance on our show in a llittle bit. which hwa are you doing up right now. >> rose writes, my family and i are going to fox woods. it's lovely. >> it's lovely. fox woods or mohegan sun if you
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have gaming needs in the connecticut area. best of luck to you. >> patrick writes, a local strip bar runs your commercial on the show. >> glad to have the support of the doll house, good work for them. >> nefertiti writes, medvedev's dancing is reminiscent of elaine's dancing on "seinfeld". >> good call. let's enjoy the dancing there on again. back kicking. yeah, there it is. a lot of hips, stiff up top. but a wonderful back kick. good work, yeltsin. you see boris yeltsin? i like that much better. there it is. ♪ boris, take us to "morning joe," my man, "morning joe" starts right now.


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